Why I’m a Jewelscent Rep

Last summer I found a company (I will not be naming names) that sells candles with rings inside. I thought this was a genius idea and I wanted them asap. I decided it would be better if I bought them for friends instead. I ordered two one for each of my friends with upcoming birthdays. My order came about two weeks later, I was disappointed with the timing.. but I think thats because I’m an Amazon Mom and I get most items within two days so I’m spoiled with shipping times. Anyway back to these gifts… I happily gave them to my friends and then instructed them to burn them ASAP! I wanted to see what they got!


Well, they each got rings that they couldn’t wear (wrong sizes) and weren’t really into them. I was bummed for them but I was not discouraged. I waited a couple months and ordered some for myself. I happily burned them and eagerly awaited my ring reveals… I was so disappointed! Out of the candles I ordered I couldn’t wear any of them on my ring finger and I had no idea what they were worth. They were actually kind of lacking in appeal as well.




I was online and saw an AD for Jewelscent, I was intrigued… I scoped out their website and was shocked to find that I could actually PICK my size of ring!! Then I noticed the rings come with codes so you can find the appraised value online.. I ordered and not only did I LOVE the rings I got but I knew what they were worth.

I looked more into Jewelscent and found that they are a newer company and offer positions as independent representatives. I’ve never been an independent rep for any company before, no matter how many “parties” I’ve been to. This one just stood out to me. It felt right. I looked at it as a chance to try to my hand at building a little business for myself and if it didn’t work then at least I’d have a wonderful smelling house and fabulous rings.

I invite you to check them out and become a member of mine. I’ll be hosting giveaways once a month (maybe more) as a member you’ll automatically be entered to win.

I’m having SO MUCH fun doing this!

Have questions? Email me lauree.hawes09atGmailDOTcom.

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