Washi Tape Liberty Bell

Yesterday I shared with you my Fourth Of July Decor, this Liberty Bell was purchased from PYP at the same time. I wasn’t sure if I’d use Washi Tape on it when I bought it but as soon as I got it in the mail I knew it was destined for Washi Tape greatness!



My daughter doesn’t need sleep, although she’s been taking naps most days, so the Saturday when she refused to take her nap while I was crafting (my precious me time) I decided to see if I could get this project finished with her “help”. She was great! She handed me the correct Washi Tape roll when I asked for it and helped me rub out any air bubbles.

Just like with the FREEDOM decor yesterday, I started out with the bare wood.



Then spray painted the whole bell white and added Washi Tape.

The rolls of tape used on this project were all from PYP and the colors are so bright and cheery.

I’m extremely happy with the outcome!


And like other projects before it.. I sealed the finished product with Mod Podge so it will last.

If only every project went this smoothly…

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