Valentine’s Day Onesies

Happy Valentines Day!!!

So I may or may not have woken up early this morning due to a wild hair… I literally whipped up these onesies in less than an hour. They are really easy. First I went through the twins white onesies that were in the “they don’t wear” pile. I mean if I’m going to make shirts they will only wear once I might as well use onesies they almost can’t even fit into any more, right?

Here is what I did


I started with two plain white onesies, then I cut out a heart in cardstock

Card Stock Heart
Then I used a pencil and traced the heart on both onesies

twin onesies

Next I painted both hearts red using a foam brush. [all materials I’ve had laying around from other crafts]

ready, set, paint

cute huh?

Next I free hand drew a mustache on Aidan’s onesie and a bow on Audree’s onesie…

Mustache Heart!

Her pink bow wasn’t showing up super well so I used a sharpie and outlined it.. It looks MUCH better.

What do you think???

Twin Valentine’s Day Onesies

Cute right? I love them. I’m super impatient, so I used my hair dryer [on the cool setting] to make the drying times much faster.

Happy Valentines Day


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