Training Runs 7/6/14-7/13/14

Not a bad running week. I managed to get in 3 runs, not my goal of 4 runs but close.

Here are my Nike+ Stats




2.8 Miles

Time 39:24

This was the first run pushing the double stroller which is over 100lbs (kids and stroller) to push around our trails. The stroller was not moving very well at all and felt like it was pulling to one side. I had my husband look at it when he got home, apparently all four wheels were flat! Oh boy!


4 Miles

Time 49:10

Got the tires pumped up and the stroller was still heavy. I’m thinking it just may be the kids have gotten bigger since the last time I ran with them! Good for training, right?



7.3 Miles

Time 1:16:50

Set out to run 7 miles and found that my trail was not going to work so I had to adjust my route and back track while running (not my idea of fun) but it was a good run, just got WAY to hot. Note to self: Wake up and Run earlier!


Official training starts for the half marathon July 28th! We’ll see what Nike has planned for training runs.

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