Toy Story Shirt

Last week the twins Auntie Jess placed an order with me for a Jessie [from Toy Story] Shirt. Auntie Jess was going to a Toy Story birthday party and she wanted to dress up like Jessie, such a cute idea!


The twins and I love Toy Story so I was more than excited to do this project! I hand painted the entire shirt [front & back] and it didn’t take too much time.

Here’s how I did it…

White T Shirt
Fabric Paints [Red, White, Blue, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Black]
Fabric Pens [Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Brown]
Paint Brushes [few different sizes]

Here’s a picture of the cute character Jessie [for those of you who haven’t seen Toy Story 2 & 3]

Start with a plain white shirt… place piece of scrap cardboard inside the shirt.

I measured out the spacing I wanted between the collar, the yellow part, the buttons and where the belt would be. I just used my judgement on what looked about right.
To make the collar, yellow part, buttons and the belt buckle I just used card stock paper and cut the shape I was looking for. I used circles to help guide me in making the buttons and the buckle.

Tape your guides down and use fabric pens to trace.

Once everything is traced, paint!

Paint some more….
For the shading on the buttons I just used a fine paint brush and went very slowly.
To make the jean part of the shirt I used another piece of card stock cut into the shape of her hips. I traced the pattern going one way and then flipped the paper over and traced it on the other side.

Traced pants… waiting for color.

Painted the belt brown [outlined in a blackish brown] with blue pants.

Details on the front were first outlined with a paint pen and then gone back over in paint. The rope detail at the top was the hardest part…. Thats a bunch of tiny S’s… slightly time consuming :)

For the back of the shirt I used a font on my computer as a guide for the shape of the letters. I outlined using my red paint pen.
Then I colored in the yellow and went back and re-outlined with red paint.


I’m happy with the way it turned out and Auntie Jess was a very happy customer!

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