Super Mario Brothers Photo Booth

Today I’m sharing the photo booth that we had a the Super Mario Brothers 30th Birthday! It was so much fun and didn’t require a lot of work on our part.
This is how we did it:


Blue & Green Bulletin Board Paper
White Poster Board
Black Paint
Fishing Line
Long Wooden Dowels
Esty Order [I’ll explain]
For the back ground we took the bulletin board paper and taped it to the wall, we just happened to cover a window with it.
We hung the Mario coins from the ceiling with fishing line and taped those clouds to the paper. All super easy.

The “hardest” part was making the Mario Pipe. We used a large cardboard box, cut it into a standing pipe shape then covered it in green bulletin paper.
To make it stand up [sorry no pictures] my husband nailed a two boards to the back to make a t shape.

For the photo booth props we ordered them from Crafty Bouquets, they are only $12 and saves a lot of design time.

Just print, cut out and hot glue to wooden dowels and Enjoy!

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