Super Bowl 47

Football always has and will always be big in our house. We both love to watch a good game, even if our teams don’t make it to the end. This year we decided to host the big game and naturally I went into party planning mode, driving my husband crazy. :)


 The party was mostly a potluck of goodies which was nice to not have to cook everything. There was WAY too much food and we were all stuffed. So I’d say it was a complete success!

The Super Bowl Dessert Table

The Dessert table had all kinds of goodies..

I made Funfetti Puppy Chow Candy in red and purple (for the two teams)

I also made macarons using this recipe… they were a huge hit.

These were super easy, I just bought red vines and grape vines and then wrapped them using the tags I made.

I found these super cute push-pops (from wilton) and thought they were perfect addition. The best part? These little push-pop containers are re-useable!!! LOVE IT.

Expect to see a lot of push-pop projects from me :)

These rum balls were yummy and extremely boozy, perfect for football!

We made this football field and goal posts for our Fantasy Football Draft Party and we’ll use it for all of our football themed parties. A great staple for parties in our house!

So how was Superbowl Sunday in your house?

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