Sunday Training Run

I never feel like running on the day I plan to run. Its a constant battle in my head of needing to train and just staying home.

Ultimately running wins, usually because my husband gives me encouragement to get out there and run.

And really by encouragement I mean he teases me about giving up and honestly thats the kind of encouragement that gets to me. I’m competitive.

It never fails the first mile or I start rationalizing not running as far as I want to..

Then about mile 2 or so I start remembering that I’ve totally run further than this before and it wasn’t a big deal so I can keep going.

I enjoy the alone time I get while running on Sundays. No pushing a big stroller with potentially bored kids… just me and my music.

Here are my Nike+ Stats from yesterday:


6.68 Miles 1:11:40


I am going to have to start running earlier in the morning… because running about 11AM is too HOT!


I’m glad that Nike+ tracks the elevation because all I’ve been hearing from people is how many hills there are in San Francisco, um yes I think I know that…



Not the best pace/splits but man theres a huge hill at the end of my run so I slowed down A LOT. The whole run I planned on stopping before the hill so I didn’t have to run (more like jog) up the hill but I went for it and lived. Maybe I’ll run it again. Maybe

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