Summer Craft

Its been a busy summer, which is why I’m just now posting this craft.. I finished it weeks ago!

A similar project to my Fourth of July Decor and yes this sign is from Pick Your Plum!


All you need is some white paint and Washi Tape.


Here’s what they looked like prior, I didn’t take a picture so I’m borrowing PYPs.

First I painted all sides white, I do this so the Washi Tape really stands out and I find that white helps the most. I got the fun striped Washi Tape from PYP earlier this year, I’m kind of hoarding a ton of Washi Tape.

I taped the top of each letter and used an x-acto knife to trim excess tape off the sides.

 Easy, Colorful and FUN!

Can’t wait until their fall and winter letters come out! (hint, hint.. PYP)

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