St. Patricks Day Mantel

There’s a lot to this mantel for me, at least more than it seems by just looking at it. Things have been kind of sad in the past month. First it was my grandma going to the hospital and before we really knew what was happening, she passed away.
So I wanted this mantel to have some cheer to remind me of happy days and for me thats sunshine after a rain… which means Rainbows.


Naturally there’s a story for everything on this mantel.. but the biggest is the two small white carnation arrangements:

Thinking of my Grandma
My Grandma’s favorite flower is the carnation so I spent the last week looking for white carnations to go on my mantel. I wanted to look at something everyday so I could smile and think about her.

Apparently it is very difficult to find white carnations… really. I looked at a ton of grocery stores and called a few other places I thought might have them. Honestly the last place I wanted to call was a florist. They charge you an arm and a leg for flowers. I know this because I’ve been to LA’s flower mart. I’ve purchased flowers wholesale.

But after a few days it was looking grim, so I started calling florists in my area… they did not have them either. I did find one that would get some for me to pick up in a few hours for $27 for 24 stems. I was not immediately sold.. it wasn’t a great deal.

In the meantime I asked my friend if she knew of anywhere I could by [cheap] flowers. She told me that when she lived in San Clemente she loved Wildflower, so I called them. A very friendly Jessica answered and was MORE than helpful.

They did not carry the carnations but they were going to the flower mart in the morning and would happily pick me  up 24 stems, for $14. Um yes please. They were so amazing that we ordered the flowers for my grandmas memorial this saturday with them.. even though they are at least a 15 minute drive from the church.

Yes they were THAT awesome. I can’t wait to see the arrangements for the service.

One of my favorite mantels so far.

All About the Details:

A. Just picked up this bamboo vase and sticks at Michaels. I love the color of that vase! [and it was 50%off]

B. My St. Patricks Day Subway Art Printable-Get it!

C. Bought these from WildFlower if you are in the San Clemente area… use them! :)

D. Rainbow Canvas Art made by me. See how here

E. Little knick knack bought from JoAnns… on sale of course

F. My Lucky Clover Field

G. The vases and Chalkboard have been seen in prior mantels… Love reusing decor. Shopping in my own home :)

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