Sample Soaps

As a Jewelscent Rep part of my job is to spread the word about our company; it’s not even a year old yet!

Anyway our soaps are amazing! They are hand made with all natural and organic Moroccan Argan oil, rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants for a silky pampering effect.




These samples were easy to make. I just purchased some silicone molds from my local JoAnns cut my soap bars up into .5 oz pieces and melted them (very slowly) in the microwave.


Then I popped them in the freezer for 3 minutes and they were back to a solid state! I’m using these pillow boxes that I got from your Pick Your Plum because I just love them! They give my soaps a great looking home so I can either mail them out or hand them out.

And for fun here’s the photo I posted to Instagram of the big bar of soap next to my small samples:


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