Patterned Easter Eggs

Easter is coming early this year and we are having a easter egg hunt for our little ones! I’m so excited. I started thinking about the type of eggs we will have and I thought I’d try out something a little different. Not only did it work but the eggs have a really great pattern, I’m in love with these… I almost don’t want to eat them.

Here is what you’ll need..


Hard Boiled Eggs [best method]
Food Coloring [liquid or gel]
White Vinegar
Bakers Twine
Plastic Cups

The best part about this way of dyeing eggs…. you don’t need much of the dye mixture, because the whole egg isn’t being dyed.
I used about 1 cup of water and about 2 tbsp of vinegar. Split that into different plastic cups and added dye until my desired colors were reached.
Next you’ll need to cut your cheesecloth and twine. I made a few small sections of cheesecloth, one for each color.

I also made one longer section to dip in different colors.

Cut the twine in varying lengths, enough to wrap around the egg a couple of times.

Place your cheesecloth and twine [can be in the same dye together] in cup with dye for about 2 minutes.

[yes I used plastic sippy cups… the lids die on these guys long before the cups so I now use them as craft cups!]

Next get an old towel… or newspaper or whatever you want to protect your work surface [this gets a little messy]…. take out your twine and wrap around egg.. I started taking pictures after a few rounds of wrapping my egg but you get the idea.

You only need to leave the twine on the egg for about 3 minutes.

Same idea with the cheesecloth… lay it out and then wrap the egg in the cloth…


Repeat process with as many different colors as you’d like… the results are just beautiful!

This is a super fast way to dye eggs, I was able to multitask: Dye easter eggs and feed the twins lunch! :)
Have fun and if you try this method please share your pictures!
[best way to remove the dye from your fingers is found here]

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