Party [Father’s Day Mustache Bash]

This Father’s Day was my darling husband’s first.  It only happens once… So we hosted a brunch for family.

My goal: Create a theme that was appropriate for dads… then I got to thinking… My dad has a mustache, Joe’s dad has a mustache, Joe’s brother (who’s a dad) has a mustache/beard… and Joe hadn’t shaved in a while so he had a mustache… put that together with some ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest.. and BOOM

Father’s Day

I’m a relatively new pinner… but I love to browse and I’ve seen tons of things that have inspired me. I will do my best to give credit where credit is due and I apologize if its not the original creator… but I think I’ve gotten it all correct

All of the graphic’s I made myself… the theme was inspired by the following: KPI, & APTG

The Party Spread

Just the banner
Detailed view of banner… I used scrapbook paper for the background and my design on top. I loved the woodgrain paper! Totally manly!

The gifts: 3. 2. 1. cake inspired by TMB.. I made a sample first and fell in LOVE!! This is a very awesome gift idea. Especially for those with a sweet tooth! I printed the instructions on the back of these handmade ties.
Cinnamon Cookies, purchased.. honestly because they matched my color scheme… :)
They were yummy too!

And the cupcakes! The recipe can be found here VG. After baking a test cupcake with frosting…
My husband decided we should add  cayenne to the frosting for that extra
some… I have to say it was a very tasty addition!

Cupcake stand was made by me (by hand) thanks to a wonderful tutorial from: AE


Mustache Straws!!! Great detail inspired by WBS
These were the thank you’s, mustache shaped coco rice krispie treats. I made a normal batch of treats
then carved out each mustache. Wrapped them up in a ziploc baggie and glued a label that said
 ”Have a Fan-stache-tic Father’s Day”
They were a hit


And last but not least mustache props… these I’ve seen all over the internet so its honestly hard to pin point one person to credit… so I think I’ll just credit google.. :)

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