My Cake Creations

I’ve only recently discovered blogging, honestly its too bad I didn’t have one of these back when I was running my cake business [on the side]. I still make cakes, just not as often as I used to…

Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite cakes that I’ve made over the years.




[Note: my photography skills were (and still are) in need but trust me these cakes were crowd pleasers!]

These are in no particular order:

This was a Red Velvet cake that I made for work on Halloween. We used to have very large pot luck lunches so I used these as a way to practice my cake and fondant skills.

This has to be one of my favorite cakes, if I make it again I’d make some changes but it was so much fun. The birthday boy [in his 30s…] is a video game designer.

The cake that started it all. My dad turned 50 a few years ago and when he was telling me about his birthday plans [a year in advance] he included his want of a “naughty” cake with um well big boobs. So I promised my dad I’d make him a cake. I spent the whole next year practicing so I could make him this cake; I had never decorated a cake prior to promising this…. He LOVED it.

Around that same time a friend of ours was throwing a construction themed party for her little boy. I made this cake with the help of my husband, since he knows all about these types of trucks.

A co-worker was getting married and had a Hawaiian themed bridal shower. This was the cake I made for her party. It was also my 2nd tiered cake.

Our friends 30th birthday party was poker themed… I knew I had to make him this cake.

This was a friends beach bridal shower cake. I made the sea shells on this cake too.

This was the cake for my nieces baby shower, the cake was made to match the invitations. Super Cute!

This gigantic cake/cupcake display was for my friends wedding! Lots of stress doing a wedding cake but totally worth it. The cake flavor was Almond Champagne with Strawberries.

I hope to share more of my cake creations with you as I make new ones! :)

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