MOM Review: Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

A few months ago a friend, Lisa (a fellow twin mom) started selling Younique Products. She told me I just HAD to try their 3D Fiber Lashes. I don’t wear make up a lot so at first I wasn’t too sure. Then I kept seeing before and after pictures from her customers and I have to say my interest and curiosity grew.


So, I ordered a kit.


Here’s the Kit


Its a two (more like 3) step process. I only say 3 because its best to apply regular mascara before you apply the 2 steps of Younique.


After you’ve got your regular mascara on you then apply the Transplanting Gel, while that is wet you apply the Fiber Lashes. Then apply the Transplanting Gel again to lock in the fiber lashes. Finally using an eyelash brush remove any clumps.

I do one eye at a time and it only took me 1 or 2 times applying before I felt like I was pretty good at it.

Can I just say… Oh My Goodness! What a HUGE difference!


Top is just regular mascara. Middle is 3D fiber lashes on only one eye and the bottom is it on both eyes.

Dramatic right? At $29 a kit it better be! Do I love it? Yes, is it worth $29? Yes. I spend about that on fake lashes a few times a year (mostly halloween) so now I can wear these fiber lashes more often.

Also you can tone down the Lash Level by not applying mascara first.

I’ve got an online party going on right now if you’d like to join the Fiber Lash Fun. Any purchases made through this party will be entered to win a free eyeshadow!

Check out the party here!

If you’d like more information about selling these amazing products please let me know and I’d be happy to introduce you to Lisa!

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