MOM Review [Step 2 My Clubhouse]

For the twins 1st Birthday we wanted to buy them something that they both could play with for a long time. After doing some research I came across the Step 2 My Clubhouse, it seemed like the perfect gift for twins to share! And its pretty unisex which totally works for my boy/girl twins!

I purchased it from Toys R Us for $179.99 but I had a 20% off coupon so it was about $150ish after tax. The box was pretty heavy (60lbs or so) but my husband was able to load it up in the truck and off we went!

I didn’t take pictures of me assembling it because at the time I didn’t think about it. But I can honestly say that I assembled it with out any power tools (although it would have been faster) and was done in about an hour. The instructions were really easy to understand and used pictures to make it even EASIER! The holes aren’t predrilled (which is why an electric tool would have been faster) but the plastic is soft enough to make the holes yourself. (Like I said I did this, just your average mama!)

Overall the Step 2 My Clubhouse, is great and we bought it for my 1yr old twins (the manufacture age is 2 and up) since they are pretty tall and walk well its great for them too. The one item I’d change about this clubhouse is the fabric roof, I love the idea of a fabric roof BUT if we are going to keep it outside (its currently inside) I’d prefer a roof that was removable so I could wash it! They have you screw the fabric into the plastic at the top. Since I was not a fan of this I did not do this step. I will be purchasing some velcro and making this a removable roof. I will post and update after I do this… sewing machine is required… so it will take some time :)

We had a few kids at their party and this clubhouse was a hit! The kids like opening the many doors and crawling through the short opening at the back. I like it because I can see the kids playing in it from almost all angles so I know they are playing nice.. which is important when you have two!

I’d recommend this to any mom and especially a MOM (Mom of Multiples)!

good size for crawling and walking around..


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