MOM Review: Little Green Pouch

I’m doing this review on my own, I purchased these pouches after I saw a pin on pinterest and followed up with the creators of these amazing pouches.
Around the twins first birthday I started buying pouches of fruit and veggies for the kids. I love them. I don’t love the cost. Nope, Nope, Nope. I made all of the twins “baby” food and never purchased jarred food so starting to shell out about a buck a pouch was just shocking for me.
I was browsing along on pinterest [normal night activity for me] and I saw a pin for a re-useable food pouch…  the company is  Little Green Pouch check them out!


I was sold. Dishwasher safe, Freezer Safe… Its exactly what I’d been looking for and from what the company webpage said they were looking to start selling their pouches in Oct. I bought them the first week they went up for sale.

This is what I received for $19.99 plus shipping. Not a bad price at all.
Love the packaging, very “green” :)


They just look so cute

They hold up to 6oz, which is perfect for fruits and veggies. Especially since my duo are at the age of independent eating but not yet using spoons for softer fruits and/or veggies.

Audree enjoying her pouch


Aidan enjoying his

I’ve been using these little guys about once or twice a week since I got them. I’d use them more but I have two kids and 4 pouches… I’d use them WAY more if I had about 12 or 16 pouches… (working up to investing in them)

Last week I was opening a pouch and the zip lock at the top of a pouch came off of the pouch. I was very sad. Honestly I haven’t had them that long and I was saving up to purchase more so when this happened I decided to contact the company and ask if this was common, or a fluke.

Within an hour of me emailing Little Green Pouch, they responded. What AMAZING customer service.  Amanda informed me that they have had some pouches with this problem. She let me know that I could have two options:
a). 4 New Pouches to replace my 1 pouch
b). My money back

Um A please. I received my replacement pouches 2 days later. I would personally recommend these “Little Green Pouches” to all MOMs!!!

I’ll update if I have any more zip lock issues but even with my 1 problem they are still worth the investment because this company will make it right.

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