MOM Review [Cotton Candy Machine]

I love to host. Its something we do all of the time, whether its just a few friends or our whole family. I came across The LA Shop, they sell all kinds of items online. Everything from gardening, photography, kitchen goodies to trade show equipment. One of their kitchen goodies caught my eye, A Cotton Candy Machine!

I just had to try this out!

I received this via UPS ( the shipping was fast!). My initial thought was, “the packaging could be a little more up to date.”

Funny right? Whatever.. as long as it makes cotton candy!

Once you open the package you’ll see the base, the bowl, sugar, a spoon and a black piece for the middle.

The instructions are easy to follow and assembly is fast.

Here’s what it looks like put together.

Before you started spinning the sugar I looked for cones, there aren’t any included in the package so I went to my craft room and whipped up a cone and added some washi tape for fun.

We didn’t waste anytime trying it out… One big scoop of orange sugar… [fingers crossed]

The sugar goes in this center piece… this almost seems too easy huh?

Turn on the machine and wait…

 You can see that the center is spinning and the bottom is getting hot. The instructions say to wait about a minute or two before you see the cotton candy, I can tell you its closer to 4 minutes so don’t worry its working…

Once it starts producing cotton candy place the cone in the bowl and circle your cone as you twist it… catching as much cotton candy as you can.

This process goes fast and you’ll have something that looks like this:

I pressed the loose cotton candy up to make it look prettier on the cone… took a picture then proceeded to share this wonderful treat with a friend.
It only produced one small cone from the one scoop of sugar. This is a great amount to serve at a party and for kids. I love cotton candy but the amount you get at the amusement parks is just ridiculous.

The after math on the machine was not that bad at all. A little melted sugar at the base but nothing you can’t easily clean up.

I’d recommend this product from The LA Shop: its fun, fast and who doesn’t love cotton candy at a party?
Fast assembly
Fast Cotton Candy making
Small Amount
Variety of Sugars provided
No cones included
Now for the fun part… because I got to try this Cotton Candy Machine, The LA Shop is offering you a discount!

Check out their shop and save 10% off all products! [includes special items too]

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