MOM Review Baby Bullet System

This is an honest review of a product I was not compensated for my opinions. All opinions are my own.

This MOM Review has been in my head since I received the whole system as a christmas present in 2011, when my twins were just about to start “solid” foods.

I made all of their baby food and can say that my twins have never had jarred food.


Baby Bullet System

What you get

Six small containers with date dials and lids
A freezer tray/lid for six servings
A batch bowl for larger batches/blender lid
A short cup for smaller batches and use with the milling blade/storage lid
A milling blade for rice/grains/oatmeal
A regular blade for fruits/veggies/protein
A thin spatula
Power Base
Pocket Nutritionist


The system itself is convenient and cute. I used all of the items frequently and actually still use it when I am blending small batches of items and I don’t want to use my bigger blender.
The freezer tray is made of silicone and make the cubes of baby food relatively easy to pop out.  The six small containers with date dials are great to have. It lets you know what date you made batches so you know when to serve them by. They hold up just fine in the freezer, I froze almost all of my baby food. Since this system is not really geared for multiple children I used ice cube trays as well.

I used the batch bowl for baby food exclusively because I was making food for two babies and there was no need to use the short cup for blending fruits or veggies.


Does a great job at quickly making purees!


I did however use the short cup for blending my grains. The milling blade is perfect for making rice cereal, or baby oatmeal.  I still use the milling blade today, quite frequently too.

Blending oatmeal for the twins breakfast


Great texture!

The books included are great for ideas especially if you are a first time mom and are unsure of where to start. I read that guide every couple of days, and it was small enough to keep in a kitchen drawer just incase you need to refer back to it.

All in all it is a great system to have. Can you make baby food without this system? Absolutely. All you’d really need is a blender (with a regular blade & milling blade) and ice cube trays.

Even though my twins are beyond “baby” food I still use the bullet to make purees to fill my Little Green Pouch for a quick way to get them to eat either on the go or veggies that aren’t finger food friendly.

Final Vote: Buy if you don’t have a blender and want to make baby food. If you get one as a gift, I’d for sure keep it… you’ll use it.

Turbo Steamer

Steamer Base/Lid
A cooking tray
A defrosting trays
An egg cooking tray
A sterilizing tray
A measuring cup

Recipe/Instruction Book


Again a cute tool, small and compact which doesn’t take up space on your counter top. I used all pieces to the steamer, even the defrosting trays. I works good. I’d say great except it will leak water out of the back and after a few uses it doesn’t seal completely.
The amount of food you can steam at once isn’t really compatible with having twins after a while. I found myself steaming sweet potato after sweet potato… eventually I started using a steamer pot on the stove.
The sterilizing feature is great and I would have used it WAY more if I didn’t have a separate sterilizer for my bottles.
The biggest plus about this steamer is the auto shut off. You don’t have to worry about over steaming carrots. I once had a pot with carrots on the stove and got busy with the kids… after a while the water boiled off and my pot was burnt/ruined. For a busy mom, this is a priceless feature.
I still use it every once and a while to steam a side dish for dinner.
Final Vote: Split. I could go either way on this product. It depends on what kitchen tools you already have. For baby food you really only need a steamer tray in a large pot. But if you don’t have one and you don’t have a quick way to sterilize pacifiers… then I’d say buy this.

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