Miss you Mugs

One of my best (and oldest) friends moved to Australia 5 years ago this Valentine’s Day. I’ve been lucky enough to see her through some major life events (our weddings & the birth of the twins) despite the geographical difference, thanks to her ability to fly home about once a year. I think about her often and miss her like crazy and I know she’s probably not moving back to the states, ever. So I wanted to make us something we could use every day and think about each other. We share a love of coffee so naturally this was the perfect project!


This is another Pinterst inspired craft…I saw this pin few weeks ago and here is her blog. Such a cute project…
While I was at Michaels after christmas… I found these mugs on clearance! It just clicked, I knew what to do with these.
These mugs are made for decorating but I’m sure you can do this same project with a sharpie and baking the mugs. [something else I’ve seen a lot of on pinterest]
What you’ll need
Permanent Markers

First I googled maps of USA and Australia. Then I scaled them down to the same size printed them  and then cut them out.

I marked on the paper where each of us lives… then placed the mugs next to each other to make sure I could make a dotted line to the two locations. Then I taped the maps in place.

Next just out line the two maps, then remove tape and mark the two locations.

Then draw a line (I thought dotted was best) connecting the two locations.

Then I wrote a cute (and corny) quote on the back of each mug.

“you may be out of sight… but never out of mind…”

I then packaged the USA map one and shipped it to her with a picture of the two mugs together. I hope she loves it! :)

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