Mickey & Minnie Mouse Painted Shirts

We got a chance to go to Disneyland yesterday with some friends [for free], we were so excited and extremely thankful.  So, I decided to make all of the kids shirts as a way to thank to our friends  and their family for getting us in. We had a total of 4 kids, two boys and two girls. Naturally I chose to make Mickey & Minnie Mouse Shirts!

I hand painted all of these shirts and they were pretty easy to do.



Fabric Paint [Red, White, Black & Pink]
Paint Pen
Mickey Mouse Template
Polka Dot Ribbon
Mickey Font [I downloaded mine from here]
Foam Brushes
Small Paint Brush [for fine details]
Cardboard scraps

First print out the Mickey Mouse template onto heavy card stock. Then cut it out and trace it onto each shirt.

Traced Mickey Mouse head.

Once the head was traced onto all four shirts [or how many you are making] take the head and cut it in half, where the line is.

Place back on shirt and trace the line in the middle.
Place a piece of cardboard inside your shirt so when you paint anything that bleeds through will go onto your cardboard and not the back of your shirt. Paint the top half black. Best tip for painting shirts with foam brushes is to stamp the shirts and do detailed edges slowly with the side of the brush or a small paint brush.

For Minnie Mouse shirts paint the entire bottom half pink.

For Mickey Mouse shirts start by marking where your buttons are going to be, I just eyeballed them and used a lid from one of the paint jars. This gave me a guide of where to paint red. Paint the bottom of Mickey Mouse red.

For Minnie Mouse I used a round foam brush and stamped the polka dots on the bottom half. I made a bow  [using this tutorial] and sewed the bow on to both girls shirts by hand.

For each child’s name: Download the font, type the name[s] you want then print them on to thick card stock. Then cut each letter out and trace them onto each shirt. Once I had an outline I painted in the middle.

Thats how you make Mickey & Minnie Mouse shirts without any fancy machines….

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