I am not a runner…

But I’m going to run a half marathon.

Wait maybe I should back up a little bit.


I’ve been working on losing those last few pesky twin pounds and I found going to the gym a lot.  Last year my girl friend and I ran a 5k for a breast cancer charity. She and I were happy to see that the 5k was nothing, it was easy.  At the beginning of this year I myself kicking things into high gear to look great for our second honeymoon. I started jogging with the kids 3 or 4 days a week and working out on the days I wasn’t jogging. It was amazing to see the change.

I saw a 10k/Half Marathon and I thought maybe I should run a 10k since the 5k was not a challenge. On memorial day my girl friends and I ran the 10k. To our surprise with no real training we all finished with ease, its amazing what spending 5 days a week in the gym can do for you.


I remember finishing the 10k thinking, this wasn’t really hard either…I had run my fastest pace ever 8:53 and felt fine afterwards. Something inside was telling me it wasn’t challenging enough… I began toying with the idea of running a half marathon. Then I found a Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco and I couldn’t get the idea of running a half out of my head.

I’ve realized that I’m competitive and extremely goal orientated. I need to have a goal that I can work towards, it helps me to keep on track…



On June 4th I registered for that Half Marathon and now I’m going to spend my summer training for it and I’d like to invite you along on my journey.



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