Gallery Wall Part I

We’ve lived in this house for almost a year and there are certain areas that still need a personal touch. Ok lets be honest… most of the house needs our personal touch but we only have so much time. Our hallway has been in need of some decor since we moved in, so here’s our DIY family Gallery Wall [part I]…


I started this project by measuring our wall, it was 101″ by 76.9″. To figure out how I wanted to include all of our pictures and make it look good I opened up a work page in Pages [Mac program like Word], I created a rectangle that was 10.1″ x 7.69″.

I then created my mock “frames” [I used the measurements from the size of the frame not the picture inside]

This is the layout guide I came up with.

I found this way extremely helpful. I’m a visual person but sometimes I have a hard to visualizing things without a guide. This allowed me to have balance and spacing ideas when it came time to hang my photos.

Prior to laying out all of my photos I didn’t have that center frame, by seeing my frames on the wall I knew I needed a frame hung as a portrait since everything else was landscape.

Now to start hanging the photos:

I used blue painters tape to mark my “middle” this isn’t really the middle of this wall but its the middle for my gallery.
I then hung my middle frame
I then marked [with the painters tape] where the other sections would be. The tape was my guide as I hung my next two frames.

From here I hung the 5 smaller frames.

With all of my frames hung I removed the tape guides and the Gallery Wall was completed!
from this vision

to this!
I’m very happy with it and I have another wall in this hallway to do… I’m going to use this same process to do the layout.
I’ll share it once I’m done with it.

The Family Art in the middle you can download here.

[Note to my family: if you do not like the family photo I used please send me an updated one!!! :)]

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