DIY Washi Tape Paper Fans

Next month I’ll share with you a baby shower that I’ve been working on; but today you get a sneak peek of some decorations I’ve made [and love]. Update: Here’s the finished party Little Blue Baby Shower

They are super festive and easy to make: Washi Tape Paper Fans!
I work on a budget [who doesn’t these days?] and these are very budget friendly. All you do is dress up plain paper with a little Washi Tape and you’ve got adorable party decor.
Here’s what you’ll need:

Washi Tape [I get mine from either: Pick your Plum or Downtown Tape]
Cardstock Paper
Paper Scoring Tool
Hot Glue/Tape/Glue Dots: Any of these will work
Step One:

Add Washi Tape to plain paper:

Step 2: Score paper every inch

Step 3: Fold each sheet of paper like an accordion [forward & backwards]

Step 4: Apply glue to each of the ends

All ends should be glued together until you get a long sheet of paper, like this:

Step 5: Bring together the beginning and the end, so they form a large wheel…glue ends together


This paper fan is huge its made from 8 pieces of 12×12 paper. You can make smaller ones by folding the paper, you just want to note where you put your tape and where you are going to fold.

Happy Folding!

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