DIY Patriotic Firework Garland

The Forth of July is right around the corner so I thought I’d make a festive garland to add to my mantel. It seems like forever since I updated my mantel but I’ll have a Patriotic one to share soon!

This Patriotic  Firework Garland is easy to make and can be used a few times a year; sweet!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Red & White Twine
Blue & White Twine [I got mine from Pick Your Plum- Love them!]
Large Serving Fork


Take both colors of twine and place them in the middle of the fork. I used a serving fork so mine had a fabulous spot to hold my twine.Wrap twine around your fork about 30 times.

Take the tail of the twine and wrap it around the middle of the twine.

Gently slide off of fork.Secure with a very tight knot in the middle.Take scissors and cut the at the bend of the twine.Take your thumb and flatten the puff until it looks like a firework.Tie a few to some more twine and there you have it… Patriotic Firework Garland!

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