DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

When I first saw this idea on pinterest I thought it was super easy and super cute. I knew I was going to try it for a party as soon as I could.


After spending some time making these guys I’m in love! Tissue Paper Tassel Garland is easy and cheap to make! Parties can get pricey so I like to keep costs down where ever I can; there will be a lot of Tissue Paper Tassel Garland at my parties.
Update: These were used in the Little Blue Baby Shower

I’ve read a few different tutorials on how to make these and honestly they are pretty much all the same.

I know I’m not the first nor will I be the last to share a tutorial on how to make these…


Tissue Paper [20×20] I used different colors..
Wash Tape [optional but its what I used]
Ribbon to hang tassels on

Take two different colors of tissue paper and lay them one on top of the other, then fold in half.

At the fold, make another fold about 1″ thick.

Fold in half [you can see in the picture above where the crease is]

Fold in half again.

Now take your scissors and cut the tissue paper into about 1/2″ strips, I was not too concerned with them being exact…

Since we folded the tissue in half a couple of times you’ll need to cut the strips on those folds…

Unfold tissue

Unfold again and Lay flat.

Roll, Roll, Roll

Roll until tissue paper is gathered in your hands and you have two sides with tassels.

Fold in half.

Twist and secure with Washi Tape… I left a small opening at the top so I can hang them on my ribbon and reuse these!


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