DIY PJ Pants to PJ Shorts

With the summer around the corner, the heat here in Southern California has been creeping up… sometimes its in the 90s and its only spring!!!

Time to put the kids in some summer time pjs. I try to save money wherever I can, so I thought why buy new pjs just to get shorts?



In less than 10 minutes I gave a pair of pj pants a makeover and now they are pj shorts.

Super Easy! Here’s how I did it:

Note: I am not a seamstress, not even close. I’m BRAND spanking new to sewing and my sewing machine… so forgive me if this isn’t perfect tutorial, however it works well enough for pjs that no one sees! :)  

PJ Pants
Sewing Machine
Pair of Shorts

Start with pjs pants…

Fold in half.

Take a pair of shorts and lay them on top of pjs for a guide.

Cut just below the length of the shorts.

Turn pjs inside out.

Fold up about an inch on both legs

Iron a crease
The iron will help keep the fabric in place while you are sewing.
Feed slowly through sewing machine at about the half way point, make sure you start and end at the same point. I would sew a few inches then adjust the pjs and sew a few more.

Done! Each pair took me about 8 minutes? I redid almost all of the kids pjs.. We are ready for summer!!

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