DIY Knitted Flower & Bow Accessories

Last week I shared with you the Scarf I made for my two year old, since then I’ve been making different colored bows and flowers to accessorize her scarf.

I mean doesn’t every little girl need matching accessories?

Both are quick patterns to make.

First you’ll need to make this scarf.


Use same yarn weight as your scarf & same size needles.

Cast on 12 stitches

Bow Base
Rows 1-25: K2, P1

Bow Middle

Cast on 5 stitches

Row 1: K5
Row 2: P5
Row 3: K2, Bind off 1, K2
Row 4: P2, Cast on 1, P2

Rows 5-15: Work in stockinette stitch

Bind off.

Attach middle piece to center of the bow base and sew together. Make sure the small hole is in the back of the bow so you can attach it to the scarf.


Use same yarn weight as your scarf & same size needles.

Cast on 6 stitches

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: K6, Cast on 6
Row 3: Knit across 6 new stitches, turn
Row 4: K6, Cast on 6
Rows 5-10: Rep [Rows 3 & 4] 3x- 30 total stitches
Row 11: K1, [K2tog] 14x, K1 across
Row 12: [K2tog] across

With tail end thread into a yarn needle and draw through all stitches on needle and pull tight. Sew first and last flower pedals together.

Attach flower to button on scarf. Enjoy!

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