DIY Flag Wreath

Memorial Day is just around the corner and I’m starting to bring out my patriotic decorations. I just love the summer time. Today I’m showing you a quick and easy American Flag Wreath. It only takes a few minutes to make but looks like it takes way more!



What you’ll need:

Cheap Wreath
Yarn [or twine]: Red, White & Blue
Star Stickers
Hot glue gun
Sharpie or other marker

I used a hay wreath, the cheapest kind they have at Michaels… I left the plastic wrap on the wreath so hay would not get all over the place.

Using a sharpie I marked [eyeballing it but you could measure] the color bands making sure I had a large space for the blue section.

After marking which sections would be red and white I started hot gluing the yarn to the wreath. After each section was filled with a solid band of yarn I moved to the next section.

Once all sections, including the blue, were complete I took the star stickers and applied them to the blue section.


Super Easy.

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