Why I’m a Jewelscent Rep


Last summer I found a company (I will not be naming names) that sells candles with rings inside. I thought this was a genius idea and I wanted them asap. I decided it would be better if I bought them for friends instead. I ordered two one for each of my friends with upcoming birthdays. My order came about two weeks later, I was disappointed with the timing.. but I think thats because I’m an Amazon Mom and I get most items within two days so I’m spoiled with shipping times. Anyway back to these gifts… I happily gave them to my friends and then instructed them to burn them ASAP! I wanted to see what they got!

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Busy times

Oh my, I haven’t blogged since before Christmas!! That was such a busy 6 months.

I went back to finish my last class and finally got my BA in Business! It’s taken me far too many years but at least its done.

In my time away from this blog I got back into a normal gym routine and am happy to say that my twin weight is GONE, GONE, GONE!

I’m expanding the subject of this blog to be more about whatever I’m up to and right now I’ve got a lot going on.

Feel free to check out all the new areas! :)

Free Christmas Countdown Printable

Can you believe its only 19 days until Christmas??? Oh my goodness time is just flying by!

This year the kids are a little more aware of christmas and all of the festivities that come along with the holiday. We took them last week to visit Santa and it did not go well. They wanted NOTHING to do with him. Until we got up to leave… then out of no where they both said, “Bye Bye Santa”.

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DIY Knitted Toddler Headband/Earwarmer

I just love the winter time, I always find myself knitting with most of my free time and now I have a super girly toddler to make things for. Getting her to keep her accessories on is a little bit of a challenge (especially with headbands) but she looks just so darn cute!

DIY Toddler Headband | Laureescraftycreations.com

I’ve made her three different ones, today I’m sharing the “Seed” Stitch one.

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Skulls & Roses 50th Birthday Cake

A couple of weeks ago I had a cake order for a two tiered cake with skulls & roses using purple, black & silver… and they wanted to use a large [very glittery] skull with eyes that lit up that they already had to top the cake. It sounded like an extremely fun cake, even more fun when I learned that the birthday girl was turning 50.

This is what I came up with:

Skull & Roses Birthday Cake | Laureescraftycreations.com

I used a few different mediums on the cake.

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Aidan & Audrees Toy Story 2nd Birthday Party


This past summer was a little intense which explains why I’m just now getting around to blogging about my twins birthday party that happened back in July.

Better late than never right?

For most of this year the twins have been super excited about everything Toy Story. So as their birthday approached it was only natural that we went with a Woody & Jessie Toy Story party.

Toy Story Birthday Part | laureescraftycreations.com

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