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I want to tell you about my friends; Chelsey & Daniel.

Chelsey and Daniel got married in March of this year and have been anxiously awaiting the birth of their first child, due September 22nd. Early in the third trimester Chelsey began experiencing migraines that were extremely intense. Her vision was starting to become affected by them, so she made a trip to the emergency room. After her 3rd trip to the ER and her vision being affected daily they ordered an MRI.

On August 5th they found a brain tumor about the size of an egg and it is located on the part of the brain that affects vision. A neurosurgeon informed her that is a Meningioma tumor and noncancerous but will need to be removed. The plan was to have a C-Section a few days before her due date in September and then monitor the tumor to see how long before they will have the surgery to remove it. 


Chelsey’s vision has progressively gotten worse and after another visit with specialists they have moved everything up. They are now concerned with keeping the vision that she has. The specialists and optometrist told Chelsey the vision loss she’s experienced thus far is likely permanent.

Chelsey is having an emergency C-Section today, she is 36 weeks and 2 days. They are planning another more detailed MRI two weeks from tomorrow and will set a date for the brain surgery then. She is expected to need 2 -3 months to recovery after the brain surgery, time off that Chelsey and Daniel are unprepared for.

I am pledging to donate all of my commissions from my Jewelscent sales from now through the end of August. I know you may not know my friends but please know that every candle, body scrub, bar of soap, wax tart and aroma beads sold will go to helping this new family in the long road to recovery ahead.

You can find my shop and help the cause here: Lauree’s JewelScent Shop

Thank you for reading.

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