Mickey & Minnie’s Clubhouse 3rd Birthday



A couple of weeks ago my little ones turned 3! I can’t believe they have grown up so much so fast! They’ve been Mickey & Minnie Fans for a while so naturally they were bound to have a Clubhouse Party.

I tried my best to keep this one simple, but honestly I just can’t help myself sometimes..

I didn’t do any planning until about a week before, and most of the party goods came from Walmart. They were just a little bit cheaper than Party City.

Food Table


These balloons were so fun and festive until the little ones decided they’d rather play with them! :)


Birthday Favors


Each kid had a party favor bag with Mickey or Minnie Ears. The favors were pretty simple; crayons, sunglasses, stamps and notepad. Its so easy at this age because they love almost everything.



Each twin had their own cupcake tower (either Mickey or Minnie) with cupcakes for everyone. I made the Tissue Paper Tassels and used some twine to hang them up. The push up containers had Nilla Wafers, strawberries and whip cream frosting in them, they were delicious!

Snack Table


Drink and snack station. Very popular with the kids, they just love those applesauce to go packets. Thats a proud grandpa in the picture. :)

Sadly once the party got started I stopped taking pictures!! It always happens but I at least know I was having fun with the family and not as worried about pictures.

Aidan is 3


Aidan is proud to be 3!

Audree is 3


And so is Audree!

New Toys!!


They just loved playing with all of their new toys the next day!


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