Aidan & Audrees Toy Story 2nd Birthday Party

This past summer was a little intense which explains why I’m just now getting around to blogging about my twins birthday party that happened back in July.

Better late than never right?

For most of this year the twins have been super excited about everything Toy Story. So as their birthday approached it was only natural that we went with a Woody & Jessie Toy Story party.

Toy Story Birthday Part |

After the craziness that was their first birthday party, I tried to make this year’s party “low key”… in the end I think we had more people at their party this year! It turned out great and I’ll happily have our friends and family celebrate with us every year.

Now for the details:

Food Table

Food Table | Toy Story Party |

The main food table was decorated with some red bandana’s I got from Amazon. I had pictures of the kids on our mantel and some super cute paper fans [tutorial for paper fans] in toy story colors as a background. I served finger foods aimed mostly towards little ones.

Party Favors

Party Favors | Toy Story Party |

Party Favors | Toy Story Party |

We had a few other little ones at the party so I gave them each a personalized cowboy hat and a water bottle, July in Southern California is hot! I used cloud paper and some “Andy” drawings to decorate the favor table.

Dessert Table

Dessert Table | Toy Story Party |

The dessert table had balloons taped to the blinds, a super simple touch but one of my favorites!

Snack Labels | Toy Story Party |

Cupcakes | Toy Story Party |

I made custom cupcake toppers and juice box covers for the party. In addition to cupcakes I made cake pops, they are always a HUGE hit… I believe they were gone in about 7 minutes.

Since the twins are only two there were no “games” at the party just lots of toys out front.

Ball Pit using a blow up pool | Toy Story Party |

The ball pit was the party favorite. We used an inflatable pool, ball pit balls & a slide… Tons of fun!

Twin's 2nd Birthday | Toy Story Party |

It was such a great time. Can’t wait until next years birthday party!


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