Super Mario Brothers Pinata

This Super Mario Brothers Pinata was really easy to “make”. By “make” I mean transform. :) Here’s what you’ll need and what to do:
DIY Super Mario Brothers Pinata |

Premade Pinata [This is was purchased at Walmart]
Yellow Plastic Table Cover
Glue Gun
Start with a cube shaped pre-made pinata.
Super Mario Brothers Pinata
Take your yellow plastic table cover and wrap the sides of the pinata. I used one long sheet [2 layers of plastic] and taped it in place.
Next measure the top square and cut out 2 squares to cover the top and bottom of pinata. Tape to pinata. Cut a hole in the plastic so you can fill pinata.
Each square was 2 layers of plastic.
Cut out four ?s and hot glue to plastic [you wont need a lot of glue]
Super Mario Brothers Pinata
My biggest concern what that the birthday man would not be able to punch [yes we made him punch it like Mario] through the plastic and the tape.
You’ll be happy to know that it only took him 2 tries to bust through the pinata!
Super Mario Brothers Pinata
In Action

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