Super Mario Brothers 30th Birthday Party

I helped a friend throw her boyfriend a surprise 30th birthday party. He’s a fan of the classic video games, he even has 2 NES consoles!

Super Mario Brothers Party |

So naturally she picked the original Super Mario Brothers for a theme.

It was a lot of work but a lot of fun….


The main sweets spread!

I made the graphics for the 8 bit classic Mario blocks & Coins for his birthday banner.

On the table we have the cake, red hots, skittles, chocolate mustaches, chocolate cake pops, pretzel rods and assorted Mario themed candies.
I made the cake [here’s the recipe] with Mario, Luigi & Princess Peach exploding out of the console! I just love making this cake. Lots of details but so worth it.
With the cake scraps I made little Bomb Cake Pops [called Bob-ombs]. I’m excited about cake pops now, I can’t wait to make more…
I made these Piranha Plant centerpieces to give the food table more of a Mario feel. I also created those food labels.
DIY Piranha Plants |
I’ve posted a tutorial about these centerpieces so you can make your own :)

Look at this radishes! Aren’t they just so darn cute? My friends nephew made those.  I’m filing this idea for later use.
Here’s the Photo Booth we made!
Mario Photo Booth |
And whats a birthday party without a Pinata? Here’s how to make it!
DIY Super Mario Brothers Pinata |
The birthday man was super surprised and loved the party. I’d call it a great success!

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