Twine Ombre Easter Eggs

I saw these super cute twine easter eggs the other day and I knew I wanted to do something like this for my Easter/Spring Mantel. They looked cute alone but I want color on the mantel [its so white on its own] so I made these eggs Ombre!

They came out just how I pictured…. Love it when that happens.

They were really simple to make.

Large Plastic Easter Eggs [got these at the $1 store]
Hot Glue/Glue

First you’ll need to apply hot glue [or plain glue] to the top of the egg.

Then start tightly wrapping the twine around the egg, try to go slow at first and make the lines even.

Now I started using hot glue in the beginning but after a few rows it got old and messy. I switched to glue dots and they worked much better.

Hot glue twine to Eggs

Wrap until the entire egg is covered.

DIY Twine Ombre Easter Eggs

Once your glue dries you are ready to paint. I chose to do pastel pink, blue & green. I did all of the ombre colors the same way.

Started with white and added the pure color [pink, blue & green] just to barely tint the white. Each row I added enough color to change the tint enough to see, but was careful not to go too far with the color.

DIY Twine Ombre Easter Eggs

I painted a little of the egg, stopped and added more color then painted more. [repeat, repeat, repeat]

I didn’t take more pictures of this process because my fingers had paint on them. It was a little messy :)

DIY Twine Ombre Easter Eggs

Probably my favorite piece of Easter Decor so far….

Twine Ombre Easter Eggs | DIY |

Have a great weekend!

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