Rainbow Canvas Art

I should have my mantel completed by tomorrow, the flowers I’m going to use have been difficult to get my hands on… Anyway the main focal point of my mantel is my homemade Rainbow Canvas Art and I just LOVE the way it turned out.
DIY Rainbow Canvas Art | Mod Podge | Laureescraftycreations.com
Its just the right amount of cheer that I need to remind me to smile these days.

This Rainbow Canvas Art project is simple to make…but it isn’t a quick craft. Taking your time is best with this one.
Cardstock 12×12 [with prints you like]
Mod Podge
Paint [Coordinating with prints]
Canvas 9×12
Foam Brush
Paper Cutter
DIY Rainbow Canvas Art
materials needed
I did this same process 5 times, but I only photographed one to show you how.
First pick prints you like, I chose prints that were colors of the rainbow.

Paint the edges of your canvas with the same [or as close as you can get it] color as the print. I found that two coats of paint is best.

DIY Rainbow Canvas Art
paint about an 1 inch all the way around


Trim your cardstock to fit on the canvas. You’ll want to trim just under the size of the canvas [9×12].
DIY Rainbow Canvas Art
DIY Rainbow Canvas Art
check to see how it will fit on your canvas

Once the paint is completely dry [I waited a day] and your paper is trimmed you are ready to Mod Podge!

I recommend reading Tips on wrinkle reduction from Mod Podge Rocks Blog if you’ve never used Mod Podge with paper before…

Anway create a layer of Mod Podge on your canvas, not too thick and not too thin. The amount seen in my picture was probably a little too much.

DIY Rainbow Canvas Art
I’d say use less than pictued

Quickly lay your paper on top of the Mod Podge layered canvas. Gently apply the paper to the canvas working out any air pockets.

DIY Rainbow Canvas Art
Apply and then walk away
Once its on there and looks good [dont spend too much time obsessing] WALK AWAY, seriously try to forget about it until its completely dry. Lucky for me I’ve got two kids that only nap for so long.
After its completely dry [I waited until the kids were in bed] apply a layer of Mod Podge to the top of the canvas.
DIY Rainbow Canvas Art
looks good so far…
DIY Rainbow Canvas Art
trust me it doesn’t ruin the paper

Make sure you’ve got a mostly even coat and then WALK AWAY. You need to let this layer dry completely before applying another layer.

DIY Rainbow Canvas Art
it should look like this
For each of my canvases I applied 2 layers of Mod Podge over the print. These layers protect the paper and helps finish the canvas look.
Then hang on the wall and admire.
DIY Rainbow Canvas Art | Mod Podge | Laureescraftycreations.com
I’ve had a few family members over and they couldn’t tell that I made these with just scrapbook paper and canvas!
Now thats awesome… I love homemade [& cheaper] art, especially when it doesn’t look that way!

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  1. Modge Podge is a favorite if mine. I love this simple art and such a fun thing to do with teens. I must pick up canvas when I sees it on sale ! Thanks Peggy

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