Lucky Clover Field

The inspiration behind today’s project was a simple Clover Field. The thought of sun shine & rainbows along a clover field makes me smile. I’m almost finished with my St. Patricks Day Mantel and this fits perfectly with it.

You’ll only need a few things…


Box [used before here]
AstroTurf [Left overs from this project, however you could just paint the styrofoam green]
Styrofoam [Left overs from a package shipped to me]
Green Crepe Paper
Tooth Picks
Clear Glue
White Paint Pen
Green CardStock

For the Clover Stem:

1. Cut a small amount of crepe paper
2. Put a small amount of clear glue all over a tooth pick
3. Roll the crepe paper around the tooth pick
4. Rub the crepe paper until till it sticks [see picture]
For the Clover:

1. Fold the crepe paper accordion style about 1″

2. Continue to fold until you have 8 folds

3. While holding the folds together cut an M shape [see picture]

4. When you unfold you should have 8 pedals all connected at the bottom

5. Cut in half so you have two different sets of pedals

6. Using both hands gather the pedals at the base to form the clover [use only one set of pedals]

7. Do each pedal one by one and hold them together with your thumb

8. Once all four pedals are shaped grab your stem, apply glue and glue the clover to its stem

9. One clover finished, repeats steps until you have desired amount of clovers.

Note: To save time I cut two pedal sets out at a time you can do them one at a time, only make 4 folds instead of 8


Used card stock paper to make tiny triangles and used a white paint pen to spell out Lucky Clovers, then hung it with tan string.

Prepare the box:

Cut the styrofoam to the size of the inside of your box, do the same for the astroturf. Place styrofoam in box and cover with astroturf.

Styrofoam fitted to box
Astroturf trimmed to fit on top
Ready for clovers!

As you finish your clovers stick tooth picks into the grassy field.

Lucky Clovers!
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