Valentine’s Day Art

Valentine’s Day is almost here and which means my mantel needs to be redone. I’m creating all kinds of fun stuff to go up on it!    I’d like to share this craft with you, it doesn’t take much or long to do, perfect for nap times! I saw this really cute idea [click here] and I thought I’d change it up a little.
 Here’s what I did


Picture Frame (I used 11×14)
Scrapbook/Card Stock (I used V. Day prints)
Materials: I did not end up using my glue dots

Next cut out hearts… I didn’t have a heart punch so I just traced a heart cookie cutter. I used 4 hearts of each of the 4 different Valentine’s prints.

I eyeballed the placement of the strings across the photo frame, you could use a cutting mat if you want (or need) to be exact.

Cut four pieces of yarn, I went over so I could have room to trim after lining it up on the frame.

I didn’t want to make this a permanent art (I like this frame for other things like pictures), so I just taped the yarn to the hearts and then to the sides of the back of the frame. Like this.

When taping the string to the hearts, try to get as close the the top of the heart as possible. That way they will hang better once you flip the frame over.
close up
And thats it! Super easy and its going to look good on our mantel….. can’t wait to finish it!
Let me know how yours turns out!
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