Painted Canvas Art

 I’m currently working on my fall mantel which I will debut here on the first day of fall. I am VERY excited about it all; fall, pumpkins, cool crisp air…. and my first home with a mantel to decorate!!!
Ok now for some painted canvas art!

I was thinking of something fun I could do with the kids that would look good on my mantel… I saw this on pinterest [the pin] (where else?) and I immediately knew I had to do this with the twins.
Quick DIY:
You’ll Need:
  1. Craft Paint:  Black, Orange and White
  2. Letter Stickers
  3. Paint Brush
  4. Canvas (8×8)
  5. Little Feet (not pictured here….)
I painted Orange where I was going to place my BOO! Stickers…
After the paint has dried….
Place your stickers…. (I did a little over kill with the orange but eh)
Paint your canvas… Black! Over the stickers…  I totally held my breath as I painted over these!
Let your canvas completely dry… I did two coats of black paint….
Here’s the fun part… you’ll need these
and these
SO I’d love to show you pictures of how I painted their feet and made the footprints… HOWEVER… This operation took both me and my husband, which left no one to take pictures…
I had envisioned both feet for both kids but we thought it would have been a little crowded so we went with one for each….
Here is the after:
Audree’s on left and Aidan’s on the right
Now… for the big reveal…… I had my fingers crossed.
I used an knife to lift up the stickers. I took extra care to not cut the canvas or scratch the paint underneath.
IT TOTALLY WORKED!!! And I LOVE the way it looks!
I added eyes and mouths to the ghosts and a small 2012 in the corner.
Halloween Canvas Art

Looks good on the mantel :)

More mantel pieces to come … :)

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